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June 13, 2024








Turn Challenges into Triumphs – Ignite Your Path to Brilliance!

Join us at "Resilience to Brilliance," an exclusive gathering where adversity meets innovation. This event is specifically crafted for entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and professionals who are committed to transforming challenges into significant career and personal growth opportunities.



+ You've faced challenges and are looking to transform these experiences into opportunities for growth and success.

+ You're committed to personal and professional development and eager to learn strategies to enhance your leadership and business acumen.

+You want to connect with like-minded individuals who are pioneering change and innovation in their respective fields.


"Resilience to Brilliance: Transforming Adversity into Opportunity" is designed for both men and women who are ready to harness their resilience to unlock their brilliance. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a visionary leader, or a professional from any sector, this event is for you.

Reserve your spot today and be part of a community that's ready to rise together.





Elevate: Enhancing one's professional standing and visibility.


Your personal brand is your calling card in the business world, and a stunning professional headshot is a crucial element of that brand. At Blazers & Brilliance, we understand the importance of a captivating visual presence. As part of our event, we are offering attendees the opportunity to secure professional headshots that will elevate your online and offline image, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients, partners, and employers.




Expand: Broadening one's network and opportunities.

Your net worth is not just about the money in your bank account – it's also about the value of your professional connections and relationships. Blazers & Brilliance brings together industry leaders, innovators, and influencers from diverse backgrounds, creating opportunities for you to expand your network. Forge new partnerships, discover new opportunities, and gain insights from those who have reached the pinnacle of success.




Embody Your Brilliance: Your brilliance is your unique gift to the world.


Our event provides the platform to fully embrace and embody your authentic self. Through immersive experiences, workshops, and mentorship, you'll unleash your true potential and leave an indelible mark on your industry. Walk away with actionable strategies and insights that you can immediately apply to achieve personal and professional success.


June 13,2024

5:00 - 9:00 PM

Warehouse 635, West Hartford, CT






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LESLIE WEBSITE BANNERS. (Instagram Post) (2).png






Dr. Catherine Latoya Grant-Alston





Founder & CEO

 Art Financial Solutions LLC

Founder & CEO

Solvo Telecom Consulting LLC 

Founder & CEO

 Girls For Technology

Dr. Catherine Latoya Grant-Alston, known as “The Queen Treasurer,” is a globally recognized entrepreneur, executive for a fortune 300 company, 2x Amazon #1 best-selling author, certified life coach, and co-host of the internationally streamed podcast Kingdom Treasures. Catherine is the CEO of ART Financial Solutions, LLC, which offers financial consulting for businesses, emphasizing strategic planning and treasury technology. She is the Co-Founder of Alston Kingdom (Kingdom Treasures), a lifestyle brand that champions love, family, and business in the Black community, especially with her Royal Queendom coaching group, aiming to boost financial and generational wealth. Educated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, and an honorary doctorate in Christian Education, Catherine has over 20+ years of experience in finance. As a Senior Director of Global Cash Operations, she oversees the strategic planning of $16 billion revenue while streamlining processes and implementing world-class systems. Her expertise has won awards such as the TMI Innovation and Excellence Corporate Recognition and the Alexander Hamilton Award for Technology Excellence. Raised witnessing poverty's impact, Catherine is committed to public service, particularly youth financial literacy. Her dedication has earned accolades like the ACHI 2021 Orator of the Year and 100 Women of Color. As an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she's served various community programs and boards, emphasizing financial education and community growth. Catherine lives in Connecticut with her husband and 2 children.

Glorimar Hickman, a certified Hispanic American Woman-Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise, exemplifies resilience and success in technology. With three decades of experience, she led 100+ global tech projects. In 2023, she launched Solvo Telecom Consulting, surpassing expectations in sales and expanding her team rapidly. Rooted in authenticity and excellence, Glorimar empowers Latinas, catalyzing change. She mentors through organizations like nPower and Latinas in Tech, drawing from her journey. Her philanthropy and community involvement highlight her exceptional leadership. Glorimar’s resilience and unwavering commitment to breaking chains and trailblazing paved the way for future generations of women of color.

Sabrina Tucker-Barrett is a visionary leader and thought innovator in the realms of workforce development, women's and girls' empowerment, and advocacy for underresourced communities. Born and raised in New London, Connecticut, Sabrina's journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and strategic action. In 2015, Sabrina co-founded Girls For Technology, Inc., a dynamic social enterprise aimed at empowering women and girls of color in Connecticut. What began with just 30 young girls has grown into a powerful movement, impacting over 4,000 lives and creating boundless opportunities. Sabrina's infectious passion for service and leadership has attracted substantial support, raising an impressive $8.5 million through grants, foundation support, corporate partnerships, and state backing. Having transitioned from a career in corporate to nonprofit leadership and fundraising, Sabrina has faced and overcome significant challenges as a Black woman in both arenas. She has encountered and surmounted persistent barriers and biases, employing innovative and strategic approaches to drive meaningful change. Her tenacity and dedication have earned her numerous accolades, including being named one of the 25 Women in Business by the Hartford Business Journal and recognition by the Obama Administration's White House Council on Women & Girls for her groundbreaking work in STEM education for youth of color. Sabrina's influence extends beyond Girls For Technology, Inc. She serves on the State of Connecticut Lieutenant Governor's Advisory Committee for Women & Girls. Her commitment to Girls For Technology has been recognized by several prestigious awards, including The Network Journal's "40 Under Forty," Yahoo Finance's list of 11 Business Owners to Watch, the Connecticut Entrepreneurs Award, and the 100 Women of Color Award. In 2023, she was honored with an honorary doctorate from Charter Oak State College. Sabrina Tucker-Barrett's leadership embodies inspiration and innovation. Her unwavering commitment to creating opportunities for women and girls of color in Connecticut ignites a fire within us all, reminding us that no barrier is insurmountable and no bias is unbreakable.




Compliance Officer 

The Autism Mom Coach

Artist, Curator, Arts Advocate

Lisa Candera, known as The Autism Mom Coach, is a remarkable woman who has turned her personal challenges into a mission to support and empower other mothers in the autism community. Born and raised in New Jersey, Lisa graduated from law school in 2004 and built an impressive legal career, working in an Am Law 100 law firm and as senior counsel in the division of enforcement for the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Six years ago, Lisa moved to Connecticut to take on the role of Chief Compliance Officer at Cigna Investments, Inc. While navigating her demanding career, Lisa faced a period of intense challenges as a single mother to her teenage son, who has severe Autism and OCD. During this time, she experienced the toll of severe aggression and hospitalizations, which inspired her to become a certified life coach for autism moms. Drawing from her personal experiences and professional expertise, Lisa created her 1:1 coaching program, RAMP, to teach mothers how to find their resilience and advocate for their children while managing stress and avoiding burnout. As The Autism Mom Coach, Lisa has become a beacon of hope and support for countless families in the autism community. Lisa's commitment to supporting autism families extends beyond her coaching practice. She is a regular presenter and columnist for Autism Services and Resources Connecticut's monthly newsletter, sharing her insights and experiences with a wide audience. Additionally, Lisa serves as a board member of Sun, Moon and the Stars, Inc., a Connecticut-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting autism families. Through her weekly mailing list, Facebook group, and complimentary consultations, Lisa has created a thriving network of support for mothers of children with Autism. Her unwavering dedication, resilience, and expertise have made a profound impact on the lives of numerous families, helping them navigate the challenges of raising a child with special needs while prioritizing self-care and personal growth.

Andre Rochester is a Fine Artist from the Greater Hartford region of Connecticut. He studied illustration at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts and completed his BA in Studio Art at Charter Oak State College. He also earned an MS in Organizational Leadership from Quinnipiac University. Andre makes statements for which words are not enough, highlighting underlying emotions connected to his subjects. It is a combination of portraiture and conceptual works linked by narratives of his own experiences. His art is a tool for healing and a catalyst for connection- letting people know they are not alone. Learn more about Andre’s art at Andre is an inaugural Artist of Color Accelerate Fellow, partnered with The Amistad Center at Wadsworth Atheneum, Leadership Greater Hartford- 2021 Quest Program Alum, Greater Hartford Arts Council 2022 New Voices Fellow, and 2022-23 National Leaders of Color Fellow- representing CT for the New England Foundation for The Arts. Andre is a board member at Hartford Art School Endowment, Inc., Wethersfield Academy for the Arts, and the Connecticut Arts Alliance as well as a member Wadsworth Atheneum Community Council. He is currently the Program Manager at The 224 EcoSpace in Hartford, where he curates exhibits and oversees execution of arts events and programs, including the Artists of Color Accelerate Fellowship. He is also the Art Curator at UConn Health, in charge of a collection of over 2500 works of art across multiple facilities. Additionally, Andre coaches emerging artists, encouraging them to develop their craft with a focus on professionalism and business acumen. He believes that with every step forward, we must make room for others to join us. His coaching and consulting business also includes group workshops, public speaking, as well program development and project management for public art initiatives. Learn more at

Delicate Fabric




Leslie is an award winning photographer, best selling author, speaker and multifaceted force in the realms of photography, brand strategy, and women's empowerment. As a creative entrepreneur, Leslie's mission is as vibrant as her captivating photography: to ignite the brilliance within professional and business women, guiding them to step into their full potential and shine brightly in their respective fields.

Through her photography, brand strategy, and visibility coaching, Leslie illuminates the path for women to embody their authenticity, amplify their impact, and achieve tangible results. By providing personalized guidance and support, Leslie equips her clients with the tools and mindset needed to overcome barriers, embrace their unique strengths, and thrive in their pursuits.

Leslie's journey from nursing to photography is a testament to her unwavering commitment to follow her passion and make a difference in the lives of others. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, Leslie's compassionate spirit and dedication to excellence shine through in all aspects of her work. Inspired by a gift from her husband, Leslie's foray into photography marked the beginning of a transformative journey, where she discovered her true calling and embarked on a mission to empower others through her art.

As the founder of "Shooting for a Cause" and co-founder of "IMPERFECT" by POP, Leslie channels her creativity and compassion into philanthropic endeavors that make a meaningful impact. From capturing the stories of brave women battling breast cancer to raising awareness about Down syndrome in honor of her son Jeyden, Leslie's philanthropic initiatives reflect her commitment to using her talents for the greater good.


1. What can I expect to learn at the event?

"Resilience to Brilliance" offers insights into transforming adversity into opportunity through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops. Topics include resilient leadership, strategic pivoting in business, and personal growth techniques. You’ll leave with practical strategies that can be immediately applied to enhance your professional and personal life.

2. Who should attend this event?

This event is designed for entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and professionals from various sectors who are looking to navigate challenges successfully and use adversity as a stepping stone for success. It is open to both men and women who are committed to achieving brilliance through resilience.

Are there any prerequisites for attending?

There are no prerequisites. The event is crafted to benefit attendees at all stages of their professional journeys who are interested in leveraging resilience to unlock new opportunities.

How do I register and what are the payment options?

Answer: Registration can be completed through our event landing page. We accept a variety of payment methods including credit cards, Afterpay, and other secure online payment platforms.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes access to networking, complimentary cocktail/mocktail, hors d'oeuvres throughout the event. Professional headshots are available for an additional fee, which can be booked during the registration process.

Is there a discount for early registration?

Yes, we offer an early bird discount for participants who register before May 20, 2024. Please visit our website for pricing details.

What should I bring to the event?

Bring a business card for networking, a notebook, and a pen for note-taking. 

Can I cancel my registration?

There will be no refunds.

Can I get professional headshots taken at the event?

Yes, we are offering professional headshot services during the event for a  fee. This is an excellent opportunity for you to update your professional portfolio with a high-quality, polished headshot. Pre-booking is required due to limited availability. You can add this option during your registration process. Please wear business attire for the headshot to ensure it aligns with your professional image.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Answer: For further inquiries, please contact our event team at . We are happy to assist you.

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