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Leslie M. Gomez is an award winning, published personal brand photographer located in Hartford, CT. She was first given a camera by her loving husband...and she has not put the camera down since! As a result, she is becoming known as one of CT’s most sought-after female photographers. 

Her greatest inspiration are women, powerful women ready to re-define, re-discover, and better brand themselves. When a client enters her studio, Leslie naturally becomes cognizant of their body movements. She listens to their stories and takes the time to understand who they truly are. That unique ability to connect with her clients’ confidence is evident in her work, as she captures their free range of emotions. 





" Her greatest inspiration are women, powerful women ready to re-define, re-discover, and better brand themselves."


Topics I Cover

I am passionate about empowering fellow entrepreneurs with practical insights and strategies to thrive in their respective industries. Having faced various challenges and overcome them on my own entrepreneurial journey, I believe I can offer valuable perspectives and actionable advice to your audience.

Building a Strong Personal Brand

 Uncovering the key elements of a compelling brand identity and how it can positively impact an entrepreneur's success.

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey

Sharing personal anecdotes, lessons learned, and tips for overcoming obstacles and maintaining resilience in the face of adversity.

Marketing and Growth Strategies

Discussing effective marketing techniques, leveraging social media platforms, and scaling a business in today's competitive landscape.

Building a Profitable Photography Business

Offering insights into the photography industry, including client acquisition, pricing strategies, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Women Empowerment

Some Topics Include: Self Evaluation: Reinvention, Liberation: Your Strength is Your Power, Revelation: Stepping Into Your Power.

Note these topics are just samples, I accommodate a range of speaking topics depending on your audience.


Can't wait to meet you!

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