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A seasoned photographer and coach dedicated to helping business women stop hiding and start showing up to see results.


Coach Leslie!

a word from Leslie G.


Throughout my photography and coaching career, I have encountered many women -- side-hustlers, C-suite execs, and accomplished entrepreneurs. 


Each value their work. Each has a brand story. And they all have goals, goals, goals. They have no problem showing up in their business. However, they struggle with being visible in their brand. 

  • They are not 100% confident or comfortable when promoting online.

  • Spend time chasing trends (and their tails) instead of attracting dream clients.

  • Desire to earn revenue yet shrink themselves during the sales pitch.

And, at some point, don’t we all?! 


Even the strongest among us can feel lost or intimidated when conveying our brand or facing an audience. I have walked in those shoes one too many times (and my feet still hurt).


But I realized we achieve the greatest results by just being who we are. To tap into visibility, we must tap into our essence. 


We must clearly define our purpose and our passions. Appreciate and present our gifted pearls. Unapologetically indulge in our self-confidence. Boldly step into our truths. 


How do we show up and be seen? By reveling in our authenticity. And that presence becomes the foundation for clarity, client connections, sharing our brand story, even showing up on camera. 


It is my intention to empower fempreneurs, like you, to embrace their valued essence through personal brand photography and visibility coaching. 

So you are here! And you know a thing or two about showing up. Now is the time for you to become visible.

Are you ready?

A Peek Behind the Coach 

 & the Camera

Leslie M. Gomez is an award winning, published personal brand photographer located in Hartford, CT. She was first given a camera by her loving husband...and she has not put the camera down since! As a result, she is becoming known as one of CT’s most sought-after female photographers. 

Her greatest inspiration are women, powerful women ready to re-define, re-discover, and better brand themselves. When a client enters her studio, Leslie naturally becomes cognizant of their body movements. She listens to their stories and takes the time to understand who they truly are. That unique ability to connect with her clients’ confidence is evident in her work, as she captures their free range of emotions. 


 Leslie G.


my favorite things....

Starbucks coffee

white converse

red lipstick


Every photoshoot is a celebration and safe space for women to fearlessly, unapologetically, and authentically tell their story. 


Her images -- a gleaming snapshot of pure soul. Behind her clients’ smile is passion. Their poses exude nothing but purpose. One click of Leslie’s camera will tell you everything you need to know about a brand, its impact, and the leading boss lady at the center of it all.


Leslie has extended her pursuits by offering visibility and personal brand coaching services. She proudly motivates others by sharing her own story at public speaking events as well. Each session educates and empowers women to recognize their spirit, energy, that essence to further solidify their brand story. Clients can expect to gain clarity, confidence, and, ultimately, learn how to be seen on all angles of their business.

Think we're a match?


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