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Dive deep into the essence of your Personal Branding and Unlock the Power of your authentic self.

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Fashion Therapist, Independent Stylist, Author, Speaker

Power Up your  



     and Uplevel

Style your confidence and attract success!

Mary Carangelo
Personal Brand Photographer, Coach , Author, Speaker
Leslie Gomez

Join us for a day of inspiration, fun, styling and a new way to think about branding! 

This full-day seminar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create an impactful personal brand and develop your own unique style to attract success!


Industry experts, Leslie Gomez , an award-winning Brand Photographer, and Mary Carangelo, a Fashion Therapist with over 13 years of styling experience will explore various aspects of brand and personal style to attract success!

Leave with a refreshed mindset, a few styling techniques and a reimagined passion for branding.

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We are looking for sponsors for the Seminar.

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Bring 7 of your friends and get a ticket for free!

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Meet our


Personal Brand Photographer, Coach , Author, Speaker

Leslie M. Gomez is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur known for her accomplishments in various fields. She is an award-winning photographer, bestselling author, motivational speaker, photography educator, and personal brand coach, with a particular focus on helping women in business improve their visibility and results through photography and brand coaching. Her photography, which incorporates the interplay of shadow and light, has gained national recognition.

Before venturing into photography, Leslie completed a nursing program and spent over 16 years providing exceptional healthcare, progressing through various roles in case management and nursing, specializing in ICU and neuro-trauma.

Her journey into photography began when her husband gifted her a camera, sparking a newfound passion. She honed her craft, aiming to capture the beauty of cherished moments with artistic flair. Through this creative outlet, Leslie developed her brand as a photographer, launching LMG Photography.As a photographer and visionary leader, Leslie initiated "Shooting for a Cause," a philanthropic project that collaborated with community-based businesses and organizations. This project aimed to showcase the stories of courageous women battling breast cancer through a calendar of their journeys.

Furthermore, Leslie co-founded "IMPERFECT" by POP, a philanthropic organization dedicated to challenging stereotypes and raising awareness about Down syndrome, inspired by her son, Jeyden, also known as Pop.

Mar Carangelo is a seasoned Fashion Therapist, Entrepreneur, Independent Stylist, and Personal Shopper who seamlessly combines the worlds of fashion and therapy to boost confidence in her clients.


With a background in teaching and family therapy, as well as over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Mary believes that confidence is key to unlocking one's best self. She has spent 11 years styling women from various backgrounds, emphasizing the power of clothing to enhance self-esteem and self-expression.


Mary's specialties include personal styling, personal shopping tailored to individual style and needs, shopping excursions for a fun and productive experience, wardrobe enhancement, and closet curation for an organized and purposeful closet. She believes that fashion therapy is not only effective but also enjoyable.

Fashion Therapist, Independent Stylist, Author, Speaker
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