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I coach fempreneurs how to 

Show Up & Be Seen

by getting real.

As a personal brand photographer and coach,  I empower women to get clarity on their purpose and passion. They learn how to stand in their authenticity and walk in their essence, forging their own unique path to winning.


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Girl, stop! Who's that woman hiding behind your business?

is that you?

Mmhmm. I knew it. You think you are running your business. When, in actuality, you are just going through the motions. You are religiously posting empty captions on social media. Booking photo shoot after photo shoot, hiring web designer after web designer completely dissatisfied with the results.

If you are not chasing the latest guru-backed trends, you are looking over your shoulder, peeping another’s wins while doubting your own. And that constant pressure to show up is bursting your pipes instead of making you a precious diamond. 

​The more you try to build, the more you end up stripping and draining yourself in the process. You are completely hidden behind the curtain that is your business, distanced from your potential, dream clients, and your success.

But I see you......

it's time to show up and be seen.
it's time to show up and be seen.
it's time to show up and be seen.


it's time to show up and be seen.
it's time to show up and be seen.
it's time to show up and be seen.

- Coach Leslie G.


Hey, I'm Leslie!

Personal Brand Photographer & Visibility Coach

Now’s the Time to Present It to Your Dream Clients….

The secret to success happens to be you, boo! It is your essence, purpose, passion, your magic! Through visibility coaching and personal brand photography, we’ll reveal and capture these soulful qualities. Walk away (more like strut) with the confidence and clarity necessary to take on your business success. 

The Secret To Your Brand Success Has Always Been Inside of  You.

select the service that suits you best!

Let''s Work Boo!



Building a robust brand is one thing, but actually showing up and being seen is another. My visibility coaching sessions will allow us to journey down a path of empowerment to build the confidence and clarity needed to show up authentically in all aspects of your business. We will explore and redefine your personal brand so that you will be able to make intentional connections, secure an online presence and ultimately build a profitable business so that you can meet your financial goals. If you are ready to quit hiding behind your brand….Let’s work!


Personal Brand


You're building your unique and impactful brand, but do you have images that accurately describe what you do and build a connection with your audience? I will capture your most authentic and unapologetic self as you dance in your entrepreneurial spirit. In each photo, your purpose will boldly beam, causing your dream client to double-take mid-scroll, then do a double-tap! Book your studio time today!


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